About linda

Linda began her profession as an intuitive in 1993. Before devoting her time to being a spiritual intuitive she was a very successful real estate entrepreneur. Her early success as a business person allowed her to pursue her first love, mind and spirit. She applied her intuitive ability to her real estate career and helps others to do the same in business, relationships, and in spiritual and physical health.

Linda has studied with healers, remote viewers, health intuitives, and spiritual leaders on her journey to be an intuitive herself. Today she is a world renown intuitive, instructor, speaker, author, and film producer. She hosted the internationally broadcast show Anomalies, started a research organization to study subtle energies, and sponsored many conferences on alternative healing and parapsychology. She has lectured across the country at universities, conferences, and medical institutions on the benefits of intuition.

She is certified in the fields of hypnosis, health intuitive, energy balancing, and remote viewing. She is the author of Riding the Intuitive Wave, Learn to Listen to what your Body Already Knows and the book With Heart, How Compassion Links Intuition with the Universe. As a film producer she is focusing on documentaries. Amy's Prayer, A documentary is due to be released in 2020.

Today Linda has a following around the globe learning applied intuition in business, healing, an self-understanding. She offers personal sessions, classes, retreats, and lectures.